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Shifting Powers - Client Centricity, the New Must-Have for Asset Managers

By Philippe Gregoire, Ph D, Managing Director - Performance Analytics

Over time and after many regulatory changes, institutional clients have become more demanding when it comes to their investment portfolio reporting. The volume of required data has substantially increased as we have moved from monthly to daily calculations. Clients are no longer willing to receive lengthy monthly reports that are difficult to digest...

The Performance Measurement Trifecta: Team, System and Operating Model

By Katie Kiss, Director - Performance Analytics 

Similarly, performance measurement teams and their end clients are dealing with vast amounts of data and information and there is often the temptation to churn out more and more detail without considering who the end recipient is. Understanding what is relevant and of value to the end clients is key in today’s landscape where client demands and expectations are always... continue

Flexible Reporting

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Introducing Unity Performance & Analytics

Confluence, the leader in mutual fund performance reporting, offers a comprehensive mutual fund and portfolio performance, attribution and risk solution that enables investment managers to enhance their performance measurement offering and create a single source for performance and analytics reporting across their organisation.

Unity Performance & Analytics empowers performance measurement teams to create an information-driven client model where the client is always at the heart of any decision. Unity Performance & Analytics delivers accurate, consistent, transparent, relevant and timely results to support and accelerate the investment decision- making process and enables firms to proactively meet clients' changing needs.

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Is There a Trade-Off Between Customization and Scalability in Performance Production

By Katie Kiss, Director - Performance Analytics 

In the world of performance analytics, scalability isn’t just about improving the speed of calculation, it also means ensuring the accuracy and availability of results and their subsequent consumption, the ability to handle large volumes, and last but not least, it is about synergy with the business growth strategy. However, although speed, volume and timely delivery are important... continue

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How flexible can reporting be with Unity Performance & Analytics? View this short slideshow to find out.

Configurable Workflow

Multi-Asset Attribution

Validation Checks

Learn more about best practices to achieve an efficient fixed-income attribution model

Build validation checks that are relevant to your business and help eradicate recurrent data issues with validated results

Deliver consistent and valuable insight into your portfolio with multi-asset attribution with Unity Performance & Analytics by Confluence

Best Practices to Achieving an Efficient Fixed-Income Attribution Model

By Katie Kiss, Director - Performance Analytics 

The establishment of a fixed income attribution process first requires an excellent understanding of how bond portfolio managers structure their portfolios to achieve returns that justify the choice of active exposure to different risk factors. After identifying the various investment decision processes, it becomes necessary to have a flexible tool to adapt the models to these investment processes... continue

Multiple Returns: Making Sense of the Differences

By Katie Kiss, Director - Performance Analytics 

As a performance analyst, how many times have you been asked by your clients, your portfolio managers, or your client relationship managers to explain the differences between the NAV return provided in the client report, and the return generated through the attribution analysis? And what about the differences between the various flavours of preliminary returns versus the final return, transaction-based returns versus holdings-based returns, fair value returns versus returns based on swing pricing, and so on.... continue

Data Management: Perhaps the Biggest Priority that Still Hasn't Been Solved

By Katie Kiss, Director - Performance Analytics 

When was the very first time you answered a survey about data management and whether it was the top priority for your firm that year? Two years ago? Five years ago? Ten? Data management and governance has been a long debated issue that is now recognized as a strategic asset for any type of firm. But in their latest benchmarking study on data management, Cutter Associates found that although most participating investment managers are working toward establishing a formal data governance framework..... continue